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API Schemas

API schemas lets you define schema fields that only exist in your GraphQL API, meaning these "virtual" fields don't appear in your forms and don't get saved to your database.

Defining API Schemas

These fields support the following properties: 

  • canRead: same as main schema canRead, with one notable exception: for apiSchema fields, canRead will default to [guests] (e.g. the field is public).
  • description: this is used as help text for the GraphQL API. 
  • typeName: this is the GraphQL type (and not the JavaScript type, unlike "normal" fields!) the field should get resolved to.
  • arguments: the field's arguments. 
  • resolver: the field's resolver function.

Note that canCreate and canUpdate are not supported on apiSchema fields, since these fields by definition can not be stored in the database.

For example:

const apiSchema = {
latestPost: {
canRead: ['members'],
typeName: 'Post',
resolve: () => { //... }

Adding API Schemas

You can add an API schema to a collection with:

extendCollection(Posts, {