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The full-stack JavaScript toolkit

Vulcan is a meta-framework for efficient JavaScript full-stack development.

Sounds frightening? Let me rephrase this a little:

🔥Vulcan provides everything you need to build web applications quickly.

This means:

  • an easy way to create the backend of your application, with GraphQL
  • an easy way to create the frontend of your application, with React
  • an easy way to store data, with MongoDB
  • an easy way to connect backend and frontend, with premade hooks for fetching or updating data
  • a Next.js turnkey boilerplate, as well as a Remix "stack" and an Express starter
  • other nice stuffs such as a pre-made form component and various helpers

Can I use Vulcan with...

"Meta-framework" means that Vulcan is usable with any framework that is compatible with either Express (for the backend) and/or React (for the frontend):

  • Next.js
  • Remix
  • Blitz
  • Express
  • Gatsby
  • Create React App
  • etc.

We recommend to start with Next.js, and we even provide a boilerplate for you: Vulcan Next.

It includes a live tutorial. If you don't know Vulcan yet, follow this tutorial to learn by doing.

Then, come back to this documentation to learn more about the concepts behind Vulcan.