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Admin Dashboard

The vulcan:admin package provides a user moderation dashboard accessible to admin users at /admin.

Adding Columns

You can extend the admin dashboard with your own custom columns. First, you'll need to make the relevent data available to the client by adding it to the UsersAdmin fragment:

import { extendFragment } from 'meteor/vulcan:core';

extendFragment('UsersAdmin', `

Then, you can create a component for the dashboard cell item:

import React from 'react';
import Posts from 'meteor/vulcan:posts';
import { Link } from 'react-router';

const AdminUsersPosts = ({ user }) =>
{user.posts && =>
<li key={post._id}><Link to={Posts.getLink(post)}>{post.title}</Link></li>

export default AdminUsersPosts;

And finally add the component to the dashboard as a new column using the addAdminColumn function:

import { addAdminColumn } from 'meteor/vulcan:core';
import AdminUsersPosts from './components/AdminUsersPosts';

name: 'users.posts',
order: 50,
component: AdminUsersPosts